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Fortnite Champion Series Qualifiers Delayed
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Yesterday, the official Fortnite Competitive Twitter account announced that the latest update for Fortnite prevented some players from being able to queue up for tournaments, prompting them to delay all Fortnite Champion Series Qualifiers by week to give them enough time to fix it.We have discovered a bug in the v15.30 update that is preventing some players from being able to queue into tournaments. To ensure all eligible players have the opportunity to compete, we are shifting each FNCS Qualifier back one week.— Fortnite Competitive (@FNCompetitive) February 3, 2021The Fortnite Champion Series had originally been scheduled to begin today, February 4th, but the specific nature and severity of this bug was such that a week long delay seemed to be the best way to address it. Fortnite players have had to get used to delays and unplanned changes in the past, however, so it’s likely that players will be able to adapt.One more week to prepare for the Fortnite Champion SeriesPerhaps no one is more satisfied with this delay than the previous world champ, Bugha. Bugha, who had initially planned to compete this year with Zayt’s old team, but Zayt’s sudden un-retirement ended up displacing Bugha mere days before the Fortnite Champion Series was originally scheduled to start.This extra week will give Bugha some much needed time to continue practicing with whomever he manages to team up with. It might not seem like much, but in any team based competitive event, group cohesion is a major factor in making sure the team can play well.Even if everyone knows the same plays and has similar skill levels, without having played together to develop a degree of understanding between each of the players it’s likely they wouldn’t go too far.Delays are better than cancellationsAlthough sudden major changes to the Fortnite Champion Series schedule are never a good thing, a week long delay is preferable to an outright cancellation. Cancellations have been far too common during this pandemic, as all in-person events for basically anything have had to be entirely cancelled outright. Without a World Cup either last year or this year, the Fortnite Champion Series has effectively become the biggest tournament Fortnite has. Additionally, with this year’s prize pool increased from the previous year’s, more players have an eye on the competition, and pros have all the more reason to take it as seriously as possible.For everyone hoping to watch the Fortnite Champion Series, there isn’t much to do for now except watch the pros practice and wait. Published 05 Feb 2021, 00:18 IST .
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