SEE IT: Fan makes only memorable play of Super Bowl LV
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The highlight of the night was made by a fan.Screenshot: CBSIn the most exciting play of the game tonight while the Chiefs offense was on the field, a fan, who probably bet his own prop about a fan running on the field… ran on the field. The odds were +800. CBS did their best to cut away from the fan, but luckily, we have fan footage from the stands. Let’s break down the tape.“Jim did you run down there!” said CBS announcer Tony Romo of his broadcast partner Jim Nance.“One of the great runs of the night, I will say that,” said Nance. “They should sign him.”Firstly, we have a presumably drunk male storming the field, aimlessly drifting around midfield while egging on the fans. Then, as security begins to close in, we see a mentality shift to that of an elite athlete, perhaps inspired by the speed of Mecole Hardman. We see a good burst as he turns upfield, showing decent contact balance and the ability to break tackles. I mean, look at that spin move. This clearly a former middle school athlete we’re dealing with. G/O Media may get a commissionAfter that, we see good finishing speed as he bursts towards the end zone. Then, the wheels fall off. In truly Bush League fashion, we see an athlete start celebrating too soon, while believing that his elite athleticism would be enough to finish the run. Clearly, though, he underestimated the heart of the defender, who closed rapidly and made a great goal-line tackle. The runner gave himself up instead of extending for the end zone, which shows a lack of commitment in his prospect profile. Projected draft capital: undrafted free agent, priority UDFA signing. May we all be blessed to have an athlete like this one on our favorite teams’ rosters, fueled by alcohol (likely) and a desire to shine on the brightest stage. Perhaps an organization with strong leadership and good culture could get the most out of this guy’s talents. .
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