What flavor wings should you eat for the Super Bowl? And why is it honey BBQ?
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You might think you know what the best wings flavor is, but you’re probably wrong.Illustration: Getty ImagesI already know some of you guys’ taste buds are suspect so if you don’t agree with my rankings blame yourself not me.We know that the Super Bowl get-togethers will and should look a little bit different this year considering the United States is still dealing with a global pandemic that has killed over 460,000 people. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some of the same foods that we normally enjoy on arguably the biggest sports day of the year.For many people, wings are the No. 1 Game Day food. Pizza, Rotel dip, and chips and salsa are all up there, but you’d have to be smoking something if you don’t have wings in your game-day rotation. And even then you have to have the best types of wings.You can go ahead and eliminate the flavors that are always doing the most like Garlic Parmesan and Siracha. If you are bringing those flavors to your Super Bowl party you might as well go ahead and block me now.Other flavors like Mango Habanero and Chipotle were honorable mentions for this list but ultimately I couldn’t put them in the final cut.G/O Media may get a commissionAfter a lot of thought, I have narrowed down my wing flavors to these top five flavors that are needed for your Super Bowl meal.Note: All wings should be eaten with Ranch and Ranch only, if you eat with Bleu Cheese dip you probably have deeper issues that need to be addressed.5. Cajun You always need someone to pull up to the function that has a little spice to them. You need Someone that can pull up to the spot and raise the temperature a little bit without burning the house down. Cajun gives you your spicy fun without having to worry about getting insurance on your home. This is where the Cajun wings come in and why Sriracha and Mango Habanero can both get to stepping cause no one wants to be in tears while watching the Super Bowl.4. Honey Mustard This flavor is the stable friend that you know is going to Cashapp you on time for the party materials but still has a wild side. It has to be in the building. Honey Mustard gives you the tangy taste but won’t leave your tongue begging for a beverage.3. Buffalo The ol’ reliable. This is probably your friend that has lived in the same city his/her whole life and pulls up to the Super Bowl party with a case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade when everybody else brought hard liquor. They are still a fan-favorite, though, for anyone who wants to play it close to the vest so you gotta have it on your menu.2. Lemon Pepper If you don’t have this flavor on your list you might as well not even have wings. Lemon pepper is like a friend you invite over who you wish was more than a friend but you know can’t be more than a friend cause it just gets complicated. But you know you need them in building. The unique taste of Lemon Pepper gives it an undisputed spot near the top.1. Honey BBQ Where can you go wrong with honey barbecue? The answer is you can’t. This is the best friend that acts as the best man or maid of honor at your wedding. Not only is the flavor savory, but it also gives you a sweet after taste. Honey Barbecue is the superior flavor of wings which means it should claim the top spot in our Super Bowl Wing rankings. .
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